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Contact Us

Address: 1301 ARROW POINT DR
State: TX

Country: United States of America

Zip: 78613

Phone: 512-531-6400

Fax: 512-531-6500

About ETS-Lindgren Inc.

ETS-Lindgren provides quality acoustic chambers: anechoic, reverberation, predictable field, and small device – in both standard and custom designs - to meet your requirements. Our chambers are used by leading companies to test products, including loudspeakers, cell phones, microphones, IT equipment, and handheld devices, among other products. We also offer acoustic test services at our NVLAP 100286-0/ISO accredited Acoustic Research Lab. The lab includes a reverberant chamber for measuring sound transmission loss and a hemi-anechoic chamber for sound power measurements. These chambers are acoustically isolated on floating concrete floors and structurally isolated from the parent building. Our chambers are designed for fast specimen throughput, and can easily accommodate multiple test specimens of various sizes.

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